Art Walk Workshops 2019

Opus 40's Art Walk Workshops use the "total artistic environment" of our sculpture park, as well as the industrial history and natural backdrop of the Catskill Mountains, as inspiration.

In each case, a five-hour program will begin with an introductory breakfast at our Quarryman Museum Gallery. This will then be followed by the class walking together -- with notebooks, cameras or sketchpads, depending -- through the Sculpture and its many paths.

At the conclusion of the walk, the group will break for a picnic lunch on the Opus 40 meadow. This will be followed by a workshop back in the Quarryman Museum gallery. During the workshop, participants will develop the ideas and inspiration generated during their walk into more developed creative work.

Students will share and critique work and begin to outline ideas for longer projects.

Drawing Workshop with Faheem Haider

June 29

10:00 AM-3:00 PM

This workshop will be conducted as an investigation on a few of the ways to understand and undertake drawing. It will feature examination of the material world, close observation of objects within, and collaborative concepts and means of making work. Four distinct sections, outlined below, will feature close collaboration, and the instructor will offer advice and encouragement throughout the course of the workshop. The workshop will be defined and divided along the following schema:

1. Drawing as Material investigation. An introduction into tools and means, and what drawing consists in. 

2. Drawing as Investigation into the World. Leonardo is famous for inviting his atelier students to examine plaster flaking off high ceilings and walls and to make drawings from them. We will undertake a similar project.

3. Drawing as Observation.  Workshop members/artists will make a series of drawing, 3-5, of objects that we will seek and find. We will observe those objects and their structure. 

4. Collaborative drawings. We will make a project together.

Finally, we will discuss the work we've made, critiquing each other's work if such a critique is deemed suitable by the group, and will discuss some ways each one of these practices can live on at home and out in the world.

Poetry Workshop with Laura Hinton

July 13 

Noon-5:00 PM

Utilizing the large sculptural park of Opus 40, this summer afternoon writing workshop will feature attention towards what the French theorist Gaston Bachelard once called “the poetics of space.” The first half of the workshop will address the experience of seeing, or sight, so important to Bachelard’s phenomenological and literary critique. What is “sight,” we will ask, in the terms of poetic image? How do we really see, and renew, our comprehension of “sight”—in an on-going, transformative, energetic and experiential way, one that is open to the “varieties” (Bachelard’s term) of human embodied experience in language. The second half of the workshop will incorporate exercises in embodied movement and sound into written work, again using the sculptural environment as both inspiration and also “respondent” to the writer-subjects doing this work.  Come prepared with a favorite pen and easy-to-carry notebook (spiral is recommended for our “field work” exercises). For those of you with smart phones, you might also want to bring these to experiment with the software tools they offer for recording images and sound.

Photography Workshop with China Jorrin

August 17

10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Bring your iPhone and, if you want, a fancy camera. We will be talking about the virtues of the quick/unfiltered take versus the artisinal shot. We'll discuss the ways that both bring forward a specific vision and will experiment with both as we walk around and through the sculpture and venture into the woods beyond. After our walk, we'll share some work and talk about how to expand on what we've done.


These workshops are made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by Arts Mid-Hudson.

Workshops $20 each

$30 for Two

$50 for all Three

Free for students and local artists. 


Reserve your place(s) HERE.

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