Our Quarryman's Museum's permanent exhibit, occupying the top floor, showcases tools used in traditional bluestone quarrying in the Hudson Valley, as well as tools used by Harvey Fite personally in the creation of Opus 40 — all beautifully displayed in a traditional space. The goal of the Museum, and the sculpture park itself, is to honor what Fite referred to as “the work of hands,” the labor of many long-ago workers, in collaboration with his own hands, in shaping our natural and cultural landscape.

To create Opus 40, Fite worked with traditional quarrying tools: hammers and chisels, drills, crowbars, and a huge boom equipped with a hand-powered winch and a flat wooden tray for moving rocks. He worked alone, using hand tools, for most of 40 years, and his museum honors the tools of our area and the men and women  whose lives and work preceded Opus 40.


GALLERY at Opus 40 2019

Aside from the remarkable sculpture at the core of Opus 40, we offer a small museum and gallery space, as well as a gift shop selling local products, plants, art work and Opus 40 merch.

The Gallery at Opus 40 is dedicated to work from remarkable local artists. We also hold workshops, receptions and artist talks in this space.

2019 Schedule

JUNE  Faheem Haider & China Jorrin

Opening June 8, 5 PM           

JULY   Kenji Fujita and Neil Fujita

Artists' Talk with Tom Wolf July 21, 5 PM

AUGUST Saugerties Art Tour

Opening August 9, 5 PM

SEPTEMBER    Kahn & Selesnick

Opening September 14, 5 PM

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